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Imperial Blade Of Darkness

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That pull you feel in the middle of the night, that's me calling to your soul
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Welcome To My Dark Side

Greetings, I'm Blade, and yes, that really is my name. My father has quite an extensive sword collection, and thought it would be cool to have a son named Blade, and so here I am. I really enjoy what I do for a living. I'm a free-lance photographer, which allows me to travel all over the world. I've also been known to write poetry on occasion, although, most of it is very dark. I consider myself to be a Human Living Vampire, and have been since the age of 16.

I'm not married, never been married, and don't plan on ever being married.  My view is, unless you plan on binging children into the world, there's no need for such a legally binding commitment. I date, I have female  friends with benefits, and that suits my lifestyle quite nicely.

If you want to know more about me, then what you see here, just ask and I will let you in to my world of darkness, but be warned, I bite.


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